Folk On The Pier

"The Best Gig On The North Sea" - Dave Pegg

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The Best Gig On The North Sea
The Best Gig On The North Sea
CD 1 - Mainly Acoustic
When You Go From My Door - Navarro
The Terrorist - Simon Hopper Band
Tuesday Night Is Always Karaoke - Anthony John Clarke with Elizabeth de Waal
Hug Air á Bhonaid Mhoir - Rune - previously unreleased
Turkish Dance / 2 Rucenitsas - Kevin Dempsey and Joe Broughton
The Happy Ghost - Trefor and Vicki Williams
Journey - Hayley Moyses Bluegrass Forum
Reunion Hill - Johnny Coppin
Lovely You - Fraser Nimmo
The Oggie Man - Fred Wedlock
Sheik Of Araby - Djongology
Stroll On - Máire Ni Chathasaigh and Chris Newman
Rolling Down The Bourne - Peter Knight's Gigspanner
Les Mystere des Box Vulgare - Gareth Turner and Simon Care
Wind Dance / Nori Veter - Terrafolk (recorded live / previously unreleased)

CD 2 - Mainly Electric
Wait For The Whistle To Blow - P.J. Wright
Heart Of Stone - David Hughes
Love Lies Bleeding - The Clay Faces
Happy McGruffy - Tom Leary
Schindig - Mabon
Retreat From Santa Ponsa - Fraser Nimmo and Fairport Convention
Ginger Billy - Little Johnny England
Badunga - Whapweasel
Don't Wait Up - Fran McGillivray and Mike Burke
You Can't Judge A Book - The Jives
Let's Work Together - Electric Blues Machine
Same Ol' Me - Brooks Williams
John Gaudie - Fairport Convention
Princess Royale / Battle Of The Somme - Feast Of Fiddles
Need For Speed (featuring Speed The Plough) - Tickled Pink
Never Chance Your Luck Against The Sea
Never Chance Your Luck Against The Sea
CD 1 - Mainly Acoustic
Over The Water - Oysterband
The Sea Must Have An Ending - Coope Boyes & Simpson
South Australian - The Churchfitters
Auretti’s Dutch Skipper/An Adventure at Margate/The Spirit of the Dance - Brass Monkey
The Hogseye Man - New Scorpion Band
Alexander’s Hornpipe - Mawkin
Forty Thieves - Vin Garbutt
She Waits & Weeps - Bob Fox
Downwind From The Refinery - Truckstop Honeymoon
The Independence Hornpipe - Tim Edey
Barges - Ralph McTell
Dublin Bound - Cromer Smugglers
Fiddler’s Green - John Conolly
Rolling Tide - Fran McGillivray & Mike Burke
Undertow - Hayley Moyses & The Bluegrass Forum
Fish Out Of Water - Liz Simcock
Old Bay Girl - Anthony John Clarke
Goodbye Fare You Well - Waterson:Carthy
Tower Of Refuge - Tom Bliss/Tony Taffinder/Tom Napper/Chris Parkinson
Six And Sure Mer - Bayou Seco

CD 2 - Mainly Electric
Shoals Of Herring - Meet On The Ledge
Trafalgar - Strawhead
Traighli Bay - Tanglefoot
The Dive - Show Of Hands
The Ship - Whapweasel
My Love Is In America - Fairport Convention
Blues To The River - Spikedrivers
Mermaid’s Eyes - ColvinQuarmby
Lily Of Barbary - P. J. Wright
Road Of Tears - Battlefield Band
The Salty Sea Dog - No Fixed Abode
Long Black Liner - Pete Scrowther
The Rage - Winter
Ful Tae The Heid O’Troots - Shoogenlifty
East Bound For Cardiff - John Tams
Long River - David ‘Hopi’ Hopkins
Kinder Shores
Kinder Shores
Fate's Fast Car - Gerry Colvin
People Like Us - Fleetwood Cave
Hitting The Ground Running - Chris While & Julie Matthews
In Our Town - Fairport Convention
Innocent's Song - Johnny Coppin
She's The One - Eric Sedge
Any Spare Change? - Fraser Nimmo
40 Years On - Little Johnny England
J - aNNA rydeR
Heart Of A Child - Fran McGillivray & Mike Burke
The Truth - Hayley Moses
Unlock Me - Show Of Hands
Mr. Connaughton - Ralph McTell
Snowmen Only Live Until The Sun Comes Out - Richard Digance
Tether's End - Jez Lowe
Alright Jack (live version) - Home Service
Refugee - Roving Crows
Rocky Road - Edward II
Diamonds On The Water - Oysterband